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Department of Agricultural Research

Histroy of DAR

Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) was initially established at Gyogon, Insein township, Yangon on June 22 in 1954.

  Gyogone is located inlower Myanmar where only rice research can be done because of receiving heavy rain. To make

other research on upland crops, other suitable location was selected.So, later it was shifted to Yezin, Pyinmana,

Mandaly Division (now ZaYarThiri township, NayPyiTaw Councial Region) which is located in the intermediate zone of

the country and where improvement programs on upland crops could be initiated in 1971.  In 1978, shifting from Gyogone

to Yezin was completed and research on all the important crops in the country were done in a large scale.


            In 1973,  Rice Section was transferred to Yezin and started to conduct the rice field trials.  Moreover,

Chemistry Department was transferred to Yezin in 1976 and Entomology and Botany Section were moved to

Yezin in 1977-78. In 1974, more research works are extended with "Four year project for strengthening of ARI by the

supporting of  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, UNDP.  In that project, breeding of rice,

cotton, jute, food legumes varieties of high yielding and land reforming, extension of organization structure and hire

specialists for each subject, providing the agricultural machinery and laboratory equipments and scholarship program

for human resource development were proceeded. The new established departments at that time were Maize and Other

Cereal Crops Department, Sugarcane Department , Food Legumes Department, Jute and Cotton Department and 

Horticulture Department.


            After that, four year project for strengthening of ARI was extended for second stage from 1979 to 1982 and set up

as a "Crop Development Project". In 1978-1982 Breeding of high yielding variety in rice was mainly emphasized which was

provided by IRRI-Burma Cooperation  project. As a second step, the project was focused on rice-based cropping system

and small scale agricultural machinery production in addition to rice research under Burma-IRRI Cropping Pattern and

System Research Project.  As the third step, Project on Crop-Livestock Farming System was collaborated from 1989 to



In 1989, when the Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) was reorganized with 8 Divisions under it, Agriculture Research

was one of the Divisions under MAS. Agricultural Research Division had Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI)

at Yezin, Pyinmana and several satellite research farms in different locations.In 1990, the Organization Structure of Institute

was extended and Agricultural Engineering Section, Agricultural Economics and Statistics Section and Regional Research

Section of Head Quarter manage the Satellite Research Farm from lower and upper Myanmar were established.

            CARI upgraded Departmental Research as a Department of Agriculture Research (DAR) became as a separate

Department on 27th January 2004. Yezin is situated at 10 miles North of Pyinmana on 19° 91' N and 96° 0" 7' E.  It is 254

miles north of Yangon and 176 miles south of Mandalay on Yangon-Mandalay highway.  The department occupies a total are

of 1028.80 acres of which 575.04 acres are under cultivation and the remaining 361.98 acres under roads and buildings.


DAR have 6 division including 16 section of crops and supporting sectons.  Now, Newly establish units in DAR were Plant

Variety Protection (PVP) Reserch Section, Post Harvest Technology Research Section, Rice Biopark Unit, Farmer Channel

and Agricultural Microbiology Research Section, all are 21 section of crops and supporting sectons.

Divisions and Sections of Department of Agricultural Research

  1. Rice and Other Cereal Crop Division

Rice Research Section

Hybrid Rice Research Section

Other Cereal Crops Research Section

  1. Oil Seed Crops and Food Legumes Division

Oil Seed Crops Research Section

Food Legumes Research Section

  1. Industrial Crops and Horticulture Division

ndustrial Crops Research Section

Vegetable and Fruit Research Section 

  1. Soil/Water Utilization and Agricultural Engineering  Division

Soil Research Section

Water Utilization Research Section

Agricultural Engineering Research Section

  1. Agronomy, Agricultural Economics and Statistics Division

Agronomy Research Section

Rice Bio-park Unit

Post Harvest Technology Research Section

Agricultural Economics Research Section

Agricultural Statistics Research Section  

  1. Biotechnology, Plant Genetic Resources and Plant Protection Division

Biotechnology Research Section

Seed Bank Research Section

Entomology Research Section

Plant Pathology Research Section

Agricultural Microbiology Research Section

Policy of DAR

  1. Development of new crop varieties and hybrids with high yield and good quality adapted to agro-ecological and climatic conditions and increasing crop production by using quality seeds.
  2. Application of biotechnology and molecular techniques in breeding of mother stem cells.
  3. Farmers participatory breeding and selection of new crop varieties.
  4. Diverse genetic resources including wild types, landraces, and released varieties conservation and pre-breeding preparation of crops in the Seed Bank.
  5. Integrated pest and diseases management researches for the safety of consumers and environment.
  6. Farmers participatory researches of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good manufacturing Practices (GMP) from seed to post-harvest of crops.
  7. Establishment of National Agricultural Research and Extension System in corporation with concerned agencies in order to strengthen research and development of sustainable  utilization of natural resources, organic farming, and conservation agriculture to increase  agricultural production.
  8. Research of climate smart agriculture, crop rotation, mixed cropping, intercropping for effective utilization of soil and water, agro-forestry, and cropping pattern.
  9. Development of research methods and producers and publication of research manual for effective breeding and experimentation by researchers.
  10. Making, revising and enaction of agricultural research law and regulations in accordance with time to time.
  11. Encouragement of private and non-governmental organizations to participate in research and extension services.
  12. Continuous training and strengthening capability of agricultural researchers.


To undertake inclusive and innovative agricultural research and development throughout the food value chain for food security, nutrition, safety, socio-economic development and sustainable agriculture and livestock


To undertake agricultural research to support food security and social-economic development and to disseminate applied research results.


To develop ‌adapted high yield and good quality crop varieties to diverse   agro-eco system and to disseminate innovative agricultural science and technology along with continuous capacity building for researchers.

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