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Department of Agriculture

Historical background of Department of Agriculture

  1. Department of Agriculture is one of the Departments of Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.
  2. It was started as the Agriculture Department in 1901. In 1952, Rural Land development Corporation established
  3. that was to conduct like the Agribusiness Services. In 1957, Land Utilization Division set up as a new Department
  4. which responsibility was to conduct related to Soil Conservation, Soil Survey and Cropping Pattern.

Since 1972, three Departments such Agriculture Department, Rural Land Development Corporation and Land Utilization

Division merged as the Agriculture Corporation under Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

  1. In 1990, Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) well organized with 878 positions of Officer,17578 positions of Staff
  2. Total is 18456 posts.

At that time, Perennial Crops Division was transferred from Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) to Myanmar Farms Enterprise.

  1. In 1994, as each enterprise, Myanmar Sugarcane enterprise, Myanmar Cotton and Sericulture Enterprise and Myanmar
  2. Jute Enterprise were separately organized from Myanma Agriculture Service.
  3. In addition, Agriculture Research Department (ARD) as an entity department was arranged from Agriculture Research
  4. Institute (ARI) of Myanma Agriculture Service in 2004 with 788 positions of Officer,16777 positions of Staff , Total is
  5. 17565 posts.
  6. In 2006, Myanmar Sugarcane Enterprise, Myanmar Cotton and Sericulture Enterprise, Myanmar Jute Enterprise, Perennial
  7. Crops Enterprise and Myanmar Farms Enterprise combined which called the Myanmar Industrial Crops Development
  8. Enterprise, has 885 positions of Officer,10877 positions of Staff , Total is 11762 posts.
  9. In 2012, Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) was rearranged to Department of Agriculture (DOA) with 989 positions of
  10. Officer,15427 positions of Staff , Total is 16416 and Myanmar Industrial Crops Development Enterprise was also rearranged
  11. to Department of Industrial Crops Development with 711 positions of Officer,8158 positions of Staff , Total is 8869 posts.
  12. In 2013, (10) State Agriculture Institute (SAI), with 120 positions of Officer,1150 positions of Staff , Total is 1270 posts were
  13. handed over from Department of Agricultural Planning to Department of Agriculture . So DOA has 1118 positions of Officer,
  14. 16595 positions of Staff , Total is 17713 posts.
  15. In 2015, Department of Agriculture (DOA) and Department of Industrial Crops Development (DICD), two departments merged
  16. as the Department of Agriculture with 1901 positions of Officer,22099 positions of Staff , Total is 24000 posts.
  17. At Present,1906 positions of officer, 22126 positions of staff and total is 24032 posts at Department of Agriculture because of get
  18. Kanbalu District new constitution at 23rd, March, 2017.

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