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Issuance of recommendation letter for application of re-export License for finished fishery products in CMP Business

Necessary Documents

Application Letter with Company Letter Head


  1. Applicant submits the application letter with Company Letter Head signed by Managing Director or Director heading to Director General of Department of Fisheries.
  2. The Officer-in-Charge checks whether the submitted documents are complete or not.
  3. If it is complete and it is submitted to the related Director for the issuance of recommendation.
  4. After receiving sign of Director or Director General, the original is sent to Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce to be able to issue re-export License and the copy is forwarded to the applicant.
  5. Upon receiving the copy of recommendation letter, the applicant contacts with Department of Trade in order to apply re-export License for finished fishery products of CMP Business.
  6. After receiving re-export License, the applicant follows the export procedure of Department of Fisheries for exportation of finished fishery products of CMP Business.




1 weeks if the submitted documents are completed.

Place for submission

Department of Fisheries

Signing Status

Official instead of Director General