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​​​​​​​Offshore Fishing License

Necessary Documents

  1. FORM_ Application Form for Offshore Fishing License
  2. Specifications of Fishing Vessel
  3. Fishing Vessel License (Copy)
  4. Photos of Fishing Vessel


  1. An applicant submits the necessary documents for applying Offshore Fishing License to the State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries.
  2. The State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries checks the submitted documents and if the documents are completed, Offshore Fishing License.


The Myanmar Marine Fisheries Law 1990, the license fee are collected on Fishing Gear, registration, vessel.


If the documents are completed, the License will be issued within 1 working day.

Place for submission

The State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries

Signing Status


The State or Region Director

the Department of Fisheries


  • This License shall be kept always on the fishing vessel.
  • This License shall be shown to regarding Inspector, when it is requested to show.
  • The fishing shall be carried out within the permitted area, allowed fishing business and fishing gears in Myanmar Sea Water territory.
  • It shall follow the instruction and directions periodically issued by the Department of Fisheries and by existing laws of the Government.
  • Offshore fishing grounds are the area beyond 10 Miles from shoreline as per attached map.
  • This License Holder shall submit the complete list and information requested by the Department of Fisheries as necessary.
  • Without prior approval from the Department of Fisheries, no changes shall be done for the information shown in this License.
  • The prohibited fishing period is according to the Directives of Department of Fisheries annually.
  • The Fishing Vessel master or owner shall appoint only Registered Fishers by the Department of Fisheries on board.
  • This Offshore Fishing License shall be renewed at the Department of Fisheries before the expiry date shown on the License.