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Issuance of Health Certificate

Necessary Documents

  1. Application Letter with Company Letter Head
  2. Product list (copy)
  3. Laboratory Test Report (Original)
  4. Export Declaration (Copy)
  5. Bill of Landing (Copy)
  6. Pre-Export Verification (PEV) Report


  1. The applicant must apply the form with company letter head.
  2. The representative sample of exported fishery products must send to the Department of Fisheries for analysis of exported fishery products intended for human consumption (shipment samples).
  3. The Inspectors from the Department of Fisheries check the documents firstly for Pre-Export Verification (PEV).
  4. If there are no irregularities found according to the PEV inspection report and laboratory results, the  assigned officials behalf of the Director General shall issue the Health Certificate (HC).
  5. The applicant must issue the certificate at the Department of Fisheries.


  • It shall be charged for laboratory testing.
  • Fees shall depend on the type of test parameters to be tested.


  • 1 working day if the submitted necessary documents are completed

Place for submission

Department of Fisheries

Signing Status

Official assigned by the  Director General


This Health Certificate is required for every consignment of export.