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Recommendation for Importation of Fish Feed, Fish Feed Ingredients and Feed Additive, Veterinary Medicine of Aquaculture

Necessary Documents

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Evidence of foreign investment in cash
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Color photos of imported commodities
  5. Ground inspection on the arrival of imported products
  6. The quality of fish feed, fish feed ingredients and feed additive and veterinary medicine (Production Date, Expired Date, Valid Duration)and free of hazard recommended by the authorized organization at the manufactured country.
  7. Sale Contract, Invoice and Packing List
  8. Concerned documents of registered mill for producing aquaculture feeds and feed ingredients
  9. Nutritional composition of feed and feed ingredients
  10. Description sheet for imported commodities of previous time including quantity (in Metric Ton) and value (in US$)


  1. An applicant submits the necessary documents to the Department of Fisheries.
  2. The recommendation letter shall be issued if the proposed products are not included in banned list.




10 working days

Place for submission

Department of Fisheries

Signing Status

Official instead of Director General


  • Recommendation shall be issued for products except prohibited items which have been banned for use in aquaculture.
  • Laboratory test result is required for all imported materials.